Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Welcome to PortCast! PortCast is an online learning system to complement the learning of the Portuguese language, operated by Catarina Stichini Vilela Carvalhosa, (“Catarina Stichini”) with headquarters at Förmansvägen 24, 2, 117 59 Stockholm, Sweden, under the internet domain www.portcast.net, which you (the User) can use to improve your knowledge of the Portuguese language when and where you wish to do it, at your own pace.

PortCast is a complement to studies in Portuguese (European and Brazilian varieties) and not a language course per se. Therefore the use of PortCast and its products does not guarantee that the User will learn the Portuguese language. PortCast is available over your internet browser. With your registration with PortCast you (the User) agree to these general terms and conditions (T&C). By completing the registration you enter into a valid contract with Catarina Stichini. Please read these T&C carefully, as they make up the legal framework applying to the use of PortCast.

PortCast offers some free content and features, and others  that are only offered for payment and are clearly detailed and marked on the www.portcast.net. The User will not be charged for the Free products nor through registration. Please check our Privacy Statement for PortCast, here.

2. Scope and definitions

The T&C apply to all non-commercial Users of PortCast. Any deviating or supplementary provisions agreed upon the conclusion of the contract shall only apply if agreed between the parties and drawn up in writing. The T&C apply both to free services and services against payment provided by PortCast.

3. Registration and Conclusion of the Contract

3.1 Each User may only register once. The User is obligated to provide complete and truthful information in the sections provided on the registration form. This information will not be published unless the User makes public comments on the products evaluation. In this case, the User must register in PortCast first and the User’s name will be published alongside the date of the comment.

3.2 The contract between the User and Catarina Stichini regarding the use of PortCast is concluded when the User completes and sends the registration form by clicking the respective order button and the User will also be asked to accept the T&C.

3.3 After registration, Catarina Stichini can, at any time, limit or prevent the User’s access to PortCast.

3.4 If prices are quoted at PortCast, they include the valid statutory turnover tax.

4. Free Use of the Basic Functions of PortCast (Free products)

4.1 Registration and Free products are free of charge to the User.

4.2 To terminate the contract and eliminate his/her account, the User has to send PortCast and e-mail saying so, mentioning his/her User name, first name and surname, email address and postal address.

4.3 After termination of the agreement, the User cannot claim the release or return of contents that it has posted.

5. Services and Products Subject to Fees (Single and Pack Products)

5.1. Catarina Stichini offers services and products for a charge at PortCast (products in the Singles and Packs versions).

5.2. The product called Single includes: a written text (also available in the Free version), a glossary (Portuguese-English on level 1, and Portuguese-Portuguese on levels 2 and 3), four or five exercises (comprehension, vocabulary or grammar) and the respective key (pdf document), and an audio version at a speed that is closer to the native speech speed (mp3 file).

5.3. The Pack product includes several Singles (pdf and mp3), which are organized by topic or level. The amount of Singles in each Pack may vary, so you should always check the description of the product before buying anything.

5.4. Singles and Packs will only be made available after the payment is confirmed, which can take up to 48 hours. We therefore recommend that all purchases are made in advance taking this period of time into consideration.

6. Money-back Guarantee for Products subject to Fees

6.1. PortCast is a complement for those who wish to learn Portuguese (European and Brazilian varities). It is not a language course nor does the use of its products guarantee learning the language.

6.2. After the User finishes buying the product, there is no money-back guarantee of any kind by PortCast, so we strongly advise that you download the Single that is available here for this purpose, before you buy anything.

7. Payment Methods

7.1 Usage fees for Singles and Packs are paid in advance.

7.2 The User may effect payment by using one of the payment methods specified: PayPal or SWISH. SWISH is only available for purchases made in Sweden.

7.3 Billing takes place digitally, a paper billing will not occur. All data referring to payment will be accessible on the User’s account.

8. Content and Accessibility of the Language Portal and Liability

8.1 Catarina Stichini strives to ensure that the language portal functions properly at all times. However, Catarina Stichini does not guarantee uninterrupted access.

8.2 For providing its service, Catarina Stichini uses the technologies currently and commonly used in the field. To be able to make full use of the services offered by Catarina Stichini, the User must likewise enable their use on its computer (e.g. activate JavaScript, enable cookies and pop-ups). If older or not commonly used technologies are used, the User might only be able to make limited use of the services provided by Catarina Stichini.

8.3 To be able to use PortCasts products, the User must have in his/her computer or gadget a functioning pdf reader (for example, Acrobate Reader) for the texts and respective glossaries, exercises and key, and an mp3 reader (for example, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Toones, WordPress Audio Player) for the podcast/audio versions of the texts. If the User doesn’t have a working pdf reader and a working mp3 reader, he/she will not be able to use the services and products offered by Catarina Stichini. If the User uses older technologies or technologies which are not commonly used, he/she will only be able to have a limited use of the services and products provided by Catarina Stichini.

9. Copyrights, Trademark Rights, Property Rights and Rights to the Use of Names

Unless content is expressly labelled as creative commons all texts, images and other works created by Catarina Stichini and distributed within PortCast are protected by copyright and it is not allowed to copy and distribute them in any way. Any use outside of the language portal requires Catarina Stichini’s prior approval.

10. Final Provisions

10.1 Agreements between Catarina Stichini and the User shall be subject to the laws of Sweden.

10.2 The Parties agree to exclude those provisions of the Swedish international civil law,  that may cause the exclusive application of any other jurisdiction.

10.3 The Parties agree on the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at the place of business of Catarina Stichini, if the User does not have a residence in Sweden.

10.4 Should individual points of these T&C be legally invalid, the remaining portions hereof shall be unaffected and remain binding.

10.5 Catarina Stichini reserves the right to modify these T&C at any time and without indicating the reason for such modification, as far as those modifications are based upon changes in the services provided by Catarina Stichini, changes of PortCast or upon legal changes or changes due to technical requirements. This includes Catarina Stichini offering new services. The modified T&C shall be published in the internet domain www.portcast.net immediately.