The project

PortCast is a learning platform that aims to make available podcasts with exercises, in European and Brazilian Portuguese. It is an idea by Catarina Stichini, who has been teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language for over ten years.

At PortCast we use the Acordo Ortográfico de 1990 (spelling reform). The texts written in the previous spelling are marked accordingly.

Our target audience

PortCast is meant for all of those who wish to develop their knowledge of the Portuguese language in an autonomous and fun way, at their own pace, where and wherever they want to!

If you teach Portuguese, PortCast can be a useful resource of teaching material on current events, both in European (PE) and in Brazilian Portuguese (PB). Do you have students who speak a different variety from yours? Listen to our PortCasts!

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The team

Catarina Stichini

Passionate about teaching

I was born in Lisbon, a city where I always return to and where I started teaching Portuguese when I was 21. Since then, I have taught students of all ages, origins and knowledge, at all teaching levels, for professional purposes and for social rehabilitation. In 2006 I was sent to Chile by Camões Institute to teach Portuguese at University. There I realized how hard it was to find material suited for my students and that’s when I first thought of PortCast. I then came to Stockholm, Sweden, where I live with my husband and son. I am fascinated by people and languages and I love to travel. You can check my CV in detail here.

Telma Rodrigues

Lusofonia fascination

Born and raised in Oporto, in the beginning of 2015 I decided to broaden my horizons and take on a new adventure with the Erasmus program. I landed in Sweden in August that same year to finish my masters on the teaching of Portuguese, at Stockholm University. Besides my work at the university, I spend my time with more classes of Portuguese, the Film Festival FRAMES and many other projects for kids and adults, always promoting my language and culture.

I’m always running somewhere, but full-heartedly!

Rosário Carvalhosa

Devoted to the Portuguese language

I have always devoted myself to the Portuguese culture and language, both at the Ministry of Culture and in my work as a journalist in Mozambique and Portugal. As assessor to the mayors of Loures and Cascais, I not only wrote official documents but I also was in charge of magazines, websites and contact with museums abroad.

I took some degrees and studied other languages, mas Portuguese is the only language that I speak and write in correctly. After retirement, I have published a short-story and I still devote myself to the Portuguese language.

Marta Costa

Smile, you’re learning!
Teacher of Portuguese for over 30 years, with a foot in Portugal, my mind in Brazil and an African heart, I have experience in drama, the use of music in language teaching and vocal techniques. Teaching is a continuously renewed pleasure every time I see my students’ results. I’m also interested in theatre, literature and music.

Vera Guita

Teaching teaches us
I was born in Montemor-o-Novo, in 1980. I graduated in Modern Languages and Literatures at Lisbon Universidade Nova. It was still in the capital that I worked at the German School, but my interest in a master program made go back to Alentejo. Until 2011 I taught in primary and elementary schools and music schools. That year, leaving for Sweden was an adventure with goals that time alone has revealed. Nowadays I am an English teacher in a secondary school in Västerås, and the desire to explore and connect different areas remains the way I believe teaching should be.

Gabriella Teixeira

Thrilled by stories!

I am Brazilian, from Sao Paulo. I moved to Stockholm 7 years ago and I work as a teacher of Heritage Portuguese in Botkyrka and Stockholm. I have a degree in Communication and I keep studying every day. I have a deep love for the Portuguese language.

I see the art of storytelling as a fun and essential tool to develop language learning. In 2015 I started a storytelling project in Portuguese in Stockholm libraries. In my suitcase of amazing stories I have stories for children by authors from all over the world. Join me in the amazing Cantinho da história na Suécia.

Ricardo Namora

Ricardo Namora

You also learn when you fool around

I have been a percussionist, a poet, an amateur actor, a professional football player, a private investigator, a politician, a journalist and a teacher. I always behaved at school and I have only aggravated my mother as an adult. I have two obsessive behaviors: to wash my hands and to clean my mobile screen. I have published 5 books, which have sold very little. I like football, books and a million other tiny things. I currently share my heart, and my life, between Calhabé (a picturesque neighborhood in Coimbra) and Stockholm. I miss my family, my girlfriend, my friends and my dog, but I make it up for that nostalgia by eating bread with butter Smör and riding my bike.

Tânia Correia

One pin is worth a thousand words

I was born in Lisbon and I graduated in Natural Sciences. I am a happy person and I love to have a good laugh. I have been living in Sweden since 2014 and my biggest challenge here is to learn Swedish. I have a natural talent for making up new words and I think Portuguese is an excellent language to do it, but I hate mistakes. They give me brotoeja. Do you know what that is? Check out my tips on Pinterest!

Jorge Reis

Communication is life!

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I soon realized that communication is a powerful tool. Having my heart divided between drama and languages, I decided to specialize in my biggest passion and write short stories with unexpected endings and student books. I also love opera, photography and travelling. Ah, journeys! We learn so much from them!

I have recently published my first book for those who want to learn Portuguese as a Foreign Language, Os destinos de Gabriel.

At the moment I teach Portuguese as a heritage language to children and teenagers in Sweden and Portuguese as a Second Language to adults. I also teach Spanish at a Swedish school.

Cíntia Nunes

Kung Fu Designer
I am a passionate and optimistic designer who loves new challenges. I studied Communication Design at the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon and spent the last year in Milan, through the Erasmus student exchange programme . I have always liked freelance work, and after several years working for other firms at the same time, I decided to become a full-time freelancer. It was time to create my own projects and make my dreams come true. In 2013, Ana Luisa and I created Giggles, an on-line store with products related to photography, and in 2014 I started Vint3, a digital design studio with my favorite developer and husband, Sérgio Santos. Besides design, I love sports.

Gonçalo Abalada

Light, sound, action!

I was born in Oeiras in 1983, and was raised by the ocean itself. Instilled by my parents, who used to travel a lot, I grew a fascination for different cultures at an early age. Music and surf have always been present among the architectural experiments that have marked my years of studying architecture, until I started working in Italy. Back to Portugal, I went on working as an architect until I decided to travel to Sweden, in 2013, to deepen my knowledge about lighting design. In Stockholm I would find a fertile artistic ground, where musical projects emerged from, alongside with the architectural practice.

Filipa Simões Freitas

Wanderlust Designer
Designer de formação mas não me lembro bem quando tive esta vontade de ser designer mas sei que quando escolhi, I studied to be a designer and, even though I don’t remember when I decided I wanted to be a designer, when I did it, I was sure of it. I started working in a printing house, getting my hands dirty with paint, colors and learning a lot, even before I finished my degree in Communication Design. A post-grad course in Marketing & Business Intelligence opened my horizons and awaken me to online communication. In 2013 I started officially working as a freelancer and Lance Collective was born. It is a space where I work with other freelancers and where we are, most of all, free to create.

Catarina Bandeira

Lisbon, 1991. Influenced by my father, a plastic artist and photographer, I have been in love with Photography since a tender age and I concluded my studies in Photography at Universidade Lusófona in 2015. After training at Agenda Cultural de Lisboa, I started working that same year for Estúdio Fotográfico Studio8A. There I did some studio photography, I photographed events and I organized photography and Photoshop workshops. As an independent photographer I look for reasons and opportunities to practice my craft.
I believe that photographing means waiting for the right moment, that insinuating light, the look that persists, the silence, the things that only I see and hear in my own particular way. In Photography as in life, I grow in the expectation of those moments.

Manuel Falcão Malzbender

To communicate is to translate

With a German father and a Portuguese mother, mediating between worlds and ways of thinking has always been a way of being. After I finished my degree, I decided to take a chance in my other country and I moved from Berlin to Lisbon, where I have been working in different areas, all of them related to languages and culture.

The advantage of being able to express myself in more than one language has been decisive for my journey and a key to many doors.

When I was a teenager, I also found out another language, understood all over the world: photography.

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